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Reservation Information

Reservation Information

Reservation  Notice

This farm reservation line: (07) 683-1115 Kaohsiung farm



The prices published on this website, the daily promotional rates may be different, you in the booking process, on the page to see the price, for the booking reference price, only in the booking process to confirm the price of the payment stage, is the daily actual rate, please reconfirm the price.

P.S For detailed price, please refer to the price of the announcement on the room information page.

Farm on 15:00 After receiving the check-in operation, the housing passenger must provide my identity card and farm reservation confirmation form in order to check the registration.

The tenant must 11:00 Before check-out, you and the farm for other transactions ( Meal fee ) The additional costs incurred must be paid directly at the farm counter.

For those who wish to change the date, please contact the farm counter booking staff by email, fax or telephone, and we will confirm the date of change with you as soon as possible and check the status of the vacant room.

When booking a room, you will be charged 30% of the deposit amount for the first day of the room rate.

When a passenger cancels a reservation for any reason, he or she may request the return of the deposit paid in accordance with the following criteria:

First:to inform the farm before 14th of the scheduled stay date, you must request the farm to refund the paid deposit 100%.

Second:to inform the farm 10-13 days before the scheduled stay date, you have to request the farm to refund the paid deposit 70%.

Third:to inform the farm Seven-Nine days before the scheduled stay date, you have to request the farm to refund the paid deposit 50%.

Four:Those who notify the farm Four-Six days before the scheduled date of stay must request the farm to refund the deposit of 40%.

Five:To inform the farm Two-Three days before the scheduled date of stay, the farm must be requested to refund the paid deposit 30%.

Six: Notify the farm before the scheduled day of accommodation to request the farm to return 20% of the deposit paid.

Seven: but on the date of the scheduled stay day notice or neglect of the notice, the farm is not refundable passengers have paid all the deposit.

(The above reference refers to the Republic of communications The Year 01 Month A Japanese Road Word No. 0990000402 Letter issued to the hotel industry individual passenger Direct booking Training contract template Set)

After booking  Notice

  1. Please send the remittance within three days after booking and indicate the reservation number and name on the receipt and fax the receipt to the farm to complete the booking process.
  2. remittance data are as follows:

Line: Cooperative Vault        
Pingdong Branch

Bank Code: 006

Name: Changhua Farm – 
Pingdong sub-field 402 Dedicated Households

Number: 0360-713-050021

Fax: (07) 683-4632

Please print the reservation form and please present your reservation form and ID card upon check-in for checking the registration.

Accommodation   Notice

First:welcome: this farm sincerely welcome It is a great honor for you to visit and be able to serve the king, and I would like to You feel at home and ask for criticism and wish you a pleasant journey.

Second:passenger registration: Your accommodation room, please check in at the counter in accordance with the regulations, the number of guests please according to the type of room to enter the number of accommodation, if more than the number of people, should pay the cost of head and breakfast.

Third:pet stay: If you want to bring pets, please call the farm staff in advance, and please bring your own pet sleeping pad, toilet stay with the room, such as not carrying pet sleeping mats and other essential supplies, the farm has the right to ban pets.

In order to respect the interest of other passengers, it is strictly forbidden to let the barking of pets affect the tranquillity of other guests ‘ accommodation. If a guest disputes the field, the farm reserves the right to ban pets.

In order to respect the interest of the next passenger, do not allow pets to urinate and jump on the mattress in the room, do not leave the pet alone in the room when going out.

If sheets, sheets, covers, pillows, etc. or room facilities are bitten by pets or traces of excreta, the tenant shall pay the price.

Guests are kindly requested to cooperate and comply with the relevant regulations to jointly maintain the cleaning, hygiene and other passenger rights and interests of the rooms.

Four:damage compensation: VIP Guests if accidentally damaged this room equipment supplies, the price of compensation.

Five:Public safety: non-room or not compatible with farm voltage electrical equipment, do not use in the room, and strictly prohibit smoking in bed, if there are other incidents, please telegraph the Service Center for safety.

Six:valuables: VIP If there are important items, please be responsible for the custody of the responsibility, if there is lost, this field is not responsible.

Seven:Security Order: please The VIP maintains public order and prays for noise, gambling and customs in the restaurant and in the guest room. Please carry lighting at night to avoid being bitten by venomous snakes.

Eight:Room rental Fee: 11 o’clock in the morning daily, in order to calculate the rent time, more than three hours to add half a day, more than six hours of the calculation.

Nine:Check-out time: 11 o’clock in the morning.