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Restaurant Guide

The restaurant is located in the second district of the accommodation. It can accommodate up to 16 tables at the same time. It offers a variety of flavored meals on time, allowing visitors to taste fresh, delicious and healthy.

"Our Chef"

Chef LIN,JHEN-SYU, a Chinese C certificate, has more than 5 years of experience, proficient in Hakka cuisine; with the most professional catering experience, constantly research and development of diversified menus, innovative cooking, to satisfy the taste buds of customers.
Chef LIN



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Yunnan Style Fried fish

“Pork fish” is also known as “package fish”. Yunnan people want to welcome important guests to visit, one of the dishes that will be served on the table, unique in practice, unique in spices, delicious and delicious. The chef puts 7 unique organic spices in the squid’s belly, and fry them in a pot with lemongrass. The small fire slowly fills the fish skin to a golden color, and the spices in the fish belly are completely released. After the poached fish belly is cut, the aroma is overflowing. The skin is crispy and the fish is tender and tender. The flavor of the spice and the beer are more difficult to describe. If you want to taste the delicacies of Yunnan cuisine, don’t miss this “boiled fish”.

Pork Fish
Yunnan large thin slices

Yunnan Braised Pork Ears Salad

The salad is a feast for Yunnan people and one of the most representative dishes. Although the processing of the ingredients is cumbersome, its classic is a little oil, with thin onions and topped with 6 special sauces, which are “crunchy and refreshing” in front.

The ingredients and practices are in full compliance with the health requirements, especially in the hot south, where the guests must order a dish; the more they eat, the more they taste, the feeling of wanting to stop!

PS: Diet tips; you can also replace the ultra-thin pieces of white fungus!

Yunan Minced Pork

Jinshang originated from the special cuisine of the Yi people. The elders told the past years; it is not easy to escape the flies in the early days. In order to feed the family, the raw meat will be chopped, and then the spices will be added and mixed, and the leaves will be eaten; In the wartime period, it is delicious in the world, the evolution of the times, and the hygiene, only the fried minced meat is fried. The farm has been researched and developed, and the pork is chopped with special pork. It is added to 7 kinds of farms to grow organic spices. After the pot is scented, it is wrapped in lettuce leaves. The inside is crispy and delicious.

Minced meat with spices
Moon Shrimp Cake Recipe

Full-Moon Shrimp Patties

Moon shrimp cakes are easy to eat in all parts of Taiwan, but you can eat such a good moon shrimp cake, or the first one! Take a bite, thick shrimp stuffing! Full of emotion ~~~! The moon shrimp cake is made from fresh whole white shrimp, which is now peeled into shrimp paste and added with protein, too white powder, etc. Stir well, and the special cake is fried into golden yellow. It is delicious with hot special sauce. Combination!

Braised Pork Belly with mustard

Happy heart! “Mustard” is also known as “Fu Cai” and “Sauerkraut”. It is one of the top three dishes in the farm. It is one of the dishes that will be served on the table. It is unique in its practice, unique in spice and delicious. The chef uses the heart-shaped theme to add special sauerkraut, special plum meat, and 6 kinds of organic special spices… It is refreshing and not greasy, and it is the first choice for the farm. In addition to the rich taste, the chef’s intention is to enjoy your vision! Give the best love and heart to you!

Jane mustard
Thai hot and sour chicken

Thai Fried chicken(Sour and Spicy Flavor)

Thai Classic cuisine: Thai sour and spicy chicken, is one of the farm guests favorite products . Different from the market fried skin, intimate chef for the health of gourmets guests, the whole first over. Water to oil and then stuffy boiled, oily skin drenched on the farm special sauce, “sour, spicy, sweet, Fragrance “Flavor makes people spit DC, appetite wide open ~ Is summer hot and no appetite? Then come to the plate Thai sour and spicy chicken bar! !! ! Make sure your appetite is all open!