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Farm Introduction

Ambient environment of the farm

The Kaohsiung Farm is a subsidiary of the Changhwa Farm, Veterans Affairs Council, R.O.C. It is located at the boundary of Meinung District, Kaohsiung City and Likang Township of Pingtung County. The area contains 7.5 ha. of land, and provides lodging, food service and leisure activity services. The facilities include a community hall, vending department, camping, barbecuing, several DIY options, children’s playground, waterpark, paint-ball shooting, vast grassland, orchard, petting zoo, butterflies ecological garden etc. so as to allow full leisure and relaxation of the visitors.

Ambient environment of the farm

The farm is located in southern Taiwan, and in summer and autumn there are often plenty of rainfalls brought by frequent typhoons and southwesterly flow that provide irrigation for crops of Pingtung Plain and moisten the sun-parched land of southern Taiwan

After October, the frequency of typhoon dwindled, and the southwesterly flow turns to northeasterly monsoon wind. However moisture in the prevailing wind is blocked by the Central Mountain Range and can’t reach the Pingtung Plain. Therefore, in this region, the winter and spring seasons are dry for half-a-year. This weather pattern of wet summer and dry winter is the predominant cause of the savanna-like ecosystem of low-elevation southern Taiwan.

Aerial photographs